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Calvin Mennyweathers

New Project: Undisputed Royalty Logo

Just a couple of concept designs for a clothing line called Undisputed Royalty a friend came to me for, updates coming soon. 

New Project: My first album art design

One of my co-workers is rapping on the side by the name of Rayza, and he asked me to create a few design ideas for his new EP. He gave me a fairly detailed description of the ideas he had in his head. I took notes, listened to his music, did some brainstorming, and theses designs were born. This is my first attempt at creating album art, so y'all be nice about it!  Go listen on Soundcloud!!!!

New Project: Never Lose Motivation Logo

I have a friend who is starting a record label and brand, she asked me to create a few different styles so I made the logos to the left as well as the ones to the right.

New Project: Hippie Tribe Logo

New Project: Insight Behavioral Health Logo

I have been working with a friend who is trying to create a brand name for music and clothing. I created multiple version of the design  featuring the teepee style tent.  The letters "H" & "T" can be seen on the front of the tent. these are some if the possible finished products to choose from. More info coming soon...
I had the opportunity of creating a logo for a Chicago based company by the name of Insight Behavioral Health. The logo is currently under review and the finalized design will be placed here.

New Logo Design: Mi Vela

New Logo Design: we aRe Service Solutions

A logo I recently created for a friend on mine named Manny. He takes old liquor bottles and turns them into fabulous scented candles. I'm still waiting on my candle ☺
Link coming soon.

A logo I created for a company created by Ronald Barnes. The company is called we aRe Service Solutions. An online service hat will connect social workers with customers to provide the customer a more effective way to get important services completed.

These were a few design options i made up for a clothing business in the making, they didn't like them tho...

These designs were made for a make up business in the making, i have not heard back from them... i guess they didn't like them...

I can make your logo too!

CM Designs

If you need a logo or some other design made feel free to contact me, I like to design in my spare time. send me and email and we can go from there. I may not be a professional YET, but I feel like I definitely have some skills that will impress. I have received nothing but positive feedback from those who I have created logos for. Designing is like a hobby for me and it gives me experience for the future. My services are not free of course, (I've got bills to pay) but we can talk price later. My email is posted to the right. Thanks!!!

Contact Me: [email protected]

My new web portfolio

I have had this website up since high school. I mostly used it to talk about my random teenaged accomplishments. After a while I sort of stopped using the website. there really wasn't a point anymore. I felt like nobody was looking at it anyway. However, just recently I started designing new projects again now that I have my new laptop. I figured i needed a place to store my designs as well as find a way to display them so that people have something to look at when they are bored. SO i figured why not give the website another chance. so now I plan to share my designs with the world through my website. My personal designs can be viewed in the My Designs album in Photo Gallery

New Project: Visuals

I have been playing around with Windows Movie Maker and created a few visuals, these are just a couple samples videos, more videos in the Videos section of my website as well as my YouTube page

Like what you see? find more of my visuals on my youtube page

Got my own Apartment

I'm coming up in the world!! I worked hard and saved up my money so that i could finally get my own apartment in Carbondale!! I have had an interesting time trying to take care of myself since I've been on my own. I'm only 21 years old and i am still trying to find the right path to take to help me get somewhere in life. I'm tired of living check to check.

My Current Job

I currently work as a crew member at Wendy's. while I have been here, (a few months) I have learned a lot about dealing with customers and how to be professional. my boss  has been one of the best bosses I have had in my adult life so far. She actually takes the time to help you understand how to do things. Something that some bosses at other jobs lack. I am truly grateful for the opportunity. 
My goal  for my design business to take off so that i can work on my own schedule and set my own prices.

A new Calvin.

A new logo design

College Friends

These guys are awesome, I love my friends. They have always been there for me when I needed them to be, and they are fun as hell to be around! i honestly don't know who i would be hanging out with if i never met these guys. they are always so supportive and they are just the best. Also R.I.P. Dwight (dude on the top right)


Southern Illinois University Carbondale

SIU has taught me a lot. College has definitely been one of my best and sometimes one of the hardest times in my life. But in the the end, without SIU I don't know where I would be. Probably somewhere in the military… OR NAHH

Freshman year at SIU

Stories from Work

Take a look at what we created at work: 

Me Reporting in Daley Plaza (July 15, 2013)

My First Story!!!

Me and my group at Free Spirit Media finally recorded our first story! We were reaching out to the public about how they felt about Chicago's youth.

to follow any more stories posted by Free Spirit Media go to this page:

New Job

Got a new job with Free Spirit Media @ Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy as a reporter. So far the experience has been great. This is quite an amazing experience. We get to work with the newest technology to create news stories and blogs, as well as current social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine. We will use these things to create well developed, and professional stories that hopefully will impact the City of Chicago in a positive way. Once we start creating stories and conducting interviews, I will post some link here on The Calvin Mennyweathers Blog.

Graduation 2013

Manley Career Academy High School class of 2013

Plans after High School

Graduation is Saturday, June 22nd, 2013. My plans for after high school will be to attent Southern Illlinois University Carbondale. I will be studying a Graphic Design major.