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About Me

My name is Calvin Mennyweathers. I just turned 21. I aspire to be a professional Graphic Designer one day. I am from Chicago and I am currently living in Carbondale taking care of myself. I am currently a manager at Little Caesar's Pizza. i have been making pizzas for over a year now. I have a little experience in graphic design through small projects during high school. I also worked a paid internship with Gallery 37 during my junior and senior years of high school. I have had many art classes including a few at Southern Illinois University  Carbondale, and since then, have been improving on my drawing skills. I have also been practicing using design programs  such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkspace. I frequently work on random art projects to gain even more experience and perfect my talent. I have had the opportunity to create logos, websites, business cards, and other design elements to friends and family. I know have what it takes to get somewhere with my skills.  I'm very creative when it comes to the things that i like and Graphic Design is definitely one of those things. I recently decided that it was time to start being more professional in the way that I present my art, so I have been working in this website so that people can view the things that I have created. Thanks for reading.

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